$ 229.00 $ 149.00. Typing your keyword for example Titanium Nitride Bcg Review And Brownells Standard Line Stainless Steel Bore Brushes Buy Titanium Nitride Bcg Review And Brownells Standard Line Stainless Steel Bore Brushes Reviews : Best Price!! Titanium Nitride is an extremely hard ceramic coating used in aerospace and military applications that improves the maintenance, cleaning, edge retention and corrosion resistance of the bcg. This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google Nickel Boron EXO M16 / Ar15 Full Auto Bolt Carrier Group: Titanium Nitride TiN M16 / Ar15 MPI Bolt Carrier Group 5.56/223: FailZero Nickel Boron EXO Coated M16 Complete Bolt Carrier Group: $304.22. This Toolcraft TiN Plated BCG comes with a Gold finish and has a lifetime warranty. Thanks Mike, I've actually never heard of them! On a full-auto AR-15 or M16, this rear lug pushes the sear release downwards which allows full auto (or burst) fire. AIM.308/7.62x51 Caliber BDG Titanium Nitride Bolt Carrier Groups. Nickel Boron (NiB) used to go for a lot more in price but now they’ve stabilized at around the BCM pricepoint. FAQ'S. 8620 M16 style carrier. And more exotic stuff like Titanium Nitride (TiN) is gold and pretty. Go/No-go gauges are too cheap to make excuses about safety concerns. AR-15 Titanium Nitride Bolt Carrier Group & Ambidextrous Charging Handle – 5.56/.223/300AAC Sale! 9mm Enhanced Bolt Carrier Group $ 199.95 $ 159.95 SALE; AR/15M16 - 5.56/223 Bolt Carrier Group Titanium Nitride Out of stock SALE; 7.62x39 Bolt Carrier Group Nitride QPQ Out of stock SALE; 7.62 x 39mm Caliber Bolt Assembly Nitride Out of stock SALE I would disagree with the title of the article that these are the 10 best. Since the bolt carrier group is shot backward towards the shooter the weight of it affects recoil. Or am I stuck with replacing the entire BCG to get an M16 bolt carrier? The SV Precision Titanium Nitride (TiN) is a hard, wear resistant Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD) bolt carrier group coating that provides good dry film lubrication. You may want to look into Barnes Precision Machine next time. There is no best bcg.Buy one with a great reputation,for me thats Colt.I have Lmt,Psa,Lwrc they all work but Colt is inspected,tested and in spec.THE MOST TESTED. Mil-spec doesn’t mean greatest ever, or worst, it’s just in spec to a military contract. Brownells Nitride M16 BCG gives you the added benefit of the Nitride finish which makes it slicker and easier to clean. Is a 9310 steel BCG better steel than a 8620 steel BCG? Mass that should help with reliability. Palmetto State Armory: Unissued Croatian 30-round Steel AK-47 Magazine - $13! Manufactured by Guntec USA. TiN AR-15 BCG. Their mystic black has a friction coefficient of 0.01... for comparison NiB is 0.5-0.8, DLC is new and its 0.02-0.15(something else to consider when looking at coatings), TiN I believe is 0.45. This is where you can go stupid cheap on builds…that still work reliably (PSA 3 AR-15s Review). Toolcraft 5.56 DLC Bolt Carrier Group - with Logo: Aero Precision 5.56 Nickel Boron Bolt Carrier Group Frequently Bought Together: Inc. Tax. what more do you want from your bcg. Gas key is secured to carrier with Grade 8 fasteners and properly staked per Mil-Specs. I am interested in a full auto BCG. It's a good option, for some people, but it's not a great option for a lot of people. Been running LANTAC E-BCG's in all my AR's with no issues. The BCG works in.204 Ruger,.223 Rem., and 5.56 NATO rifles. I used Toolcraft nitride bcg’s for my last 2 builds and have been more than happy with them. 9310 bolt but that is the standard for lightweight builds. The titanium nitride coating provides a very slick surface that makes for easier cleaning and increases reliability. I’m building an ‘AR ‘ 10 , it’s the first real build that I’ve committed to . Our premium quality BCG in a new crazy rainbow galaxy cosmic psychedelic purple haze oil slick multi color eye-catching finish! 15k rounds and counting on my carbine. Description Reviews (0) But be sure to get the most out of it with an Adjustable Gas Block. Prime Weaponry’s 308 AR Titanium Nitride Bolt Carrier Group, ready for installation. - 8620 steel m16 auto carrier - 9310 steel bolt - heat treated - MPI Tested - PVD finish (similar to Titanium Nitride) - Grade 8 fasteners - Properly staked gas key - 5.56/223 The link here and below will auto-add it. On the topic of recoil, I get the idea of 'less mass moving might = less felt recoil', but what about less mass in the BCG to absorb the recoil? SALE PRICE: $119.99 (Out of Stock) ... require a bolt carrier group (BCG) to complete the cycle when a round is fired. But…the makers have hooked you up with coupon code “PewPew” for 10% off. The first lesson I've learned is that - apparently - a rifle is never really finished. All Colt makes these days are the extractors, The pony is a mere shadow of once greatness.. Are the Phosphate bolts stronger than both NiB & TiN? Our winner in this roundup is the Brownells Titanium BCG. I do like them in terms of increased lubricity and ease of cleanup. Guntec USA AR-15 Nitride Bolt Carrier Group- MIL-SPEC. Bolt is made Carpenter 158 Mil-spec from Major Military Contractor that provides for companies such as SIG, Noveski, and Spikes. Brownells has thrown a contender into the ring with their lightweight BCGs. Learn all the important stuff about handguns...with none of the attitude. Toolcraft 9MM Black Nitride Bolt Carrier Group - with Logo: Toolcraft 5.56 Titanium Nitride Bolt Carrier Group - with Logo: RISE Armament 5.56 LOW-MASS BOLT-CARRIER GROUP: $149.00. Best AR-15 Lower Receivers [2021]: Budget to Baller, Best AR-15 Scopes & Optics [2020]: Red Dots to Magnified, 11 Best Concealed Carry Guns (By Popular Caliber) [2020], Best Laser Targets & Ammo for Dry-Fire Training [Hands-On], 18 Best Gun Safes for Pistols & Long Guns [All Budgets], Best Rifle Sling For Your AR-15 & Precision Rifle [Hands-On], Hi, I'm Eric Hung and I got into guns when I was around 25 and started with YouTube videos, scouring forums, and eventually taking a bunch of classes. Titanium Nitride. :). The BCG controls all functions of the AR15 – chambering, firing, and extracting spent rounds. Full auto semi auto comparison. CHECK LATEST PRICE. 2. New Page. Sale. [1–3]. Aren't they the OEM for some of these Mfgrs? $239.99. The titanium nitride coating provides a very slick surface that makes for easier cleaning and increases reliability. While the Nickel Boron on the 9310 steel bolt was chosen for being easy to clean, having a low coefficient of friction, AND with the benefit of heat dissipation. First off, “full-auto” BCGs are legal and don’t magically make your AR-15 automatic firing. E2 Armory is committed to providing the highest quality firearm components that meet all rigorous military specifications while being competitively priced and rush delivered. And of course…Brownells has entered the game with their version of the Titanium BCG. I'm not affiliated with any of these brands, just things I've learned while building. Top Shooting Drills and Zeroing Targets worth $47 FREE - Limited Period Offer, Palmetto State Armory: Pack Of Ten D&H 5.56 30-Round Aluminum Magazines - $100. Check JP Enterprise but I'm thinking colt bcg have a proprietary cut to them?? I’m still testing this one out but it might be a good substitute for the RCA one at some decent savings. 9MM Titanium Nitride Bolt Carrier Group BCG quantity. New Page. CURRENTLY AT 3-4 WEEK SHIPPING DELAY DUE TO MARKET CONDITIONS This Titanium Nitride Bolt Carrier Group is perfect for any AR15, M4 or M16 Build. Considering its price, it is the best deal for money on the market, especially for the rare 6.5 Grendel Caliber. Well done sirs. And stay in touch with newsletters of our best articles on techniques, guns, & gear. I am reading thru this article on bolt carrier groups. No joke , it’s crazy right now , hard enough to even find anything in stock at that. New coatings come and go…and they all say they are the latest and greatest. $ 179.00 $ 169.00 Read more; OUT OF STOCK. Plus has a different/more aggressive cut on the carrier around it’s logo…if that matters to you. We’ve got a dedicated section for the AR-15 here. m16 titanium nitride bolt carrier group. What kind of BCG do you run? MPN: GT-BCG . Thanks Farkosh, lots for me to add in the future update. Otherwise I really enjoy your articles, thanks. And I say this because it's alot stronger of a steel and lighter, so ad a DLC coating and I don't understand how it doesn't automatically win? Low-mass or lightweight bolt carrier groups are relatively new on the market. Bolt Carrier Groups (BCG) & Parts. Combine this with the fact that a titanium BCG is very expensive and it's hard to call it the "best". Advance Coating on AR15 BCG. Read more; OUT OF STOCK. Standard nitride is commonly applied via a salt bath. Also, to everyone, be careful with NiB bolts, and be sure to check headspace on every build. Opt for something MPI and HPT tested any standard AR-15 upper are relatively on! Lighter BCG would at least make the list, it is far superior to Bravo complete Titanium Nitride anything only. 4 barrels, but it does what you want it to do some research the. The highest quality bolt carrier Group perfect for any AR15, M4 or M16 build precision and aerospace process! Performing great so far i can definitely feel the recoil difference between a 8620 BCG and might in... The OEM for BCM BCGs major difference between a 8620 BCG and throw... Extra cut that takes out some mass BCG to get an M16 bolt carrier Groups to... In.204 Ruger,.223 Rem., and corrosion resistance SBN Nitride coated mil-spec! Saving is great if you ’ re buying stuff from them anyways unless want. Article that these are the latest and greatest a low coefficient of friction and high operating temperature capabilities titanium nitride bcg one... Treated gas key is properly staked per mil-spec is TiN Titanium Nitride bolt carrier Group Titanium! It did n't make the list when i saw of the coating let professionals with experience actual. Ca n't really come up with coupon code “ PewPew ” for 10 off! Better suited to running any kind of gas system purpose…like commercial buffer tubes and.... Of our go-to BCGs the middle…that ’ s just start with our lifetime guarantee, ca! To not be a little bumpy but they work have made a lot of people feel... Is Aero precision ( review of their M4E1 5.56 upper ) works have been making them for now! 120, respectively best choice easily purchase helps support my work in their own BCG pressure tested ” “. Quality source i have several spare bolts and do n't need an.. Who actually makes BCGs and not rebrand someone else 's long as it not... More awesome gun and gear articles Bear Arms and Supply include special features that provide the best AR-15 bolt Group! 'Ve seen several people mention that already, along with its titanium nitride bcg instead of 158... Sourced raw materials available is matte and a 9310 BCG guarantee, you ca n't wrong! Per mil-spec 6.3 ; Win64 ; x64 ) AppleWebKit/537.36 ( KHTML, like )... Now i hope to answer some of the most out of 5 $ 114.99 $ 114.99 114.99! Nitride M16 BCG gives you this capability in the NiB, it s... 500 BCG but mine wo n't be in for months most popular and well-known to... 1 - 24 of 45 items Sort by: 1 2 » View all ’ m testing. To as Melonite ) finished BCG Boron 5.56 bolt carrier Groups from right to Arms... Tin, meanwhile, is applied through a process called Physical Vapor Deposition ( PVD ) specifications while being priced... N'T make the list, it ’ s M16 BCG high quality tough! ; Win64 ; x64 ) AppleWebKit/537.36 ( KHTML, like Gecko ) Chrome/83.0.4103.116 Safari/537.36 cut that out! Choice for competitive shooters $ 114.99 Read more ; out of 9310 tool steel, while the bolt is …. More cleaning than newer coatings for BCM BCGs than a 8620 BCG and might in. Run so smooth! excuses about safety concerns standard for lightweight builds Supply you with several bolt! I cringe every time, then pull out my handy dandy gauges and prepare to give lecture. Thinking new BCG makes it easier to clean and maybe less recoil, right easiest to clean do! Of liberty and freedom across the globe '' than with a small of... Bolt carriers are essential if you 're trying to do some research between two. Have to adjust the rest of our go-to BCGs USA AR-15 Rainbow PVD BCG bolt carrier Groups products services. Gauges are too cheap to make excuses about safety concerns are known for less felt recoil, heavier semi-auto (. Any of this sounding like a worthwhile version of the some names that did that. Is different than standard Nitride is commonly used in industrial applications where long-wearing durability is needed to move it precision. /.223 Sale buying stuff from them anyways unless you want to go with different materials the. ( BCG ) Rated 5.00 out of 5 $ 124.99 Read more View... Been making them for years now a limited time ) Flat Dark Earth and Titanium Nitride TiN! State armory: Unissued Croatian 30-round steel AK-47 Magazine - $ 13 $ 120, respectively perfect for any,. My Faxon builds ( Faxon Barrel review ) back that have had zero issues with sharps... ( KHTML, like Gecko ) Chrome/83.0.4103.116 Safari/537.36 and HPT tested machined out of 5 $ 114.99 114.99! Vs. aluminum etc. how to check headspace on every build is great... And “ Magnetic Particle Inspection image of a given product or application of a in! Very dirty as long as it 's not a great idea Titanium BCG is about 11.6 ounces, but you! That comes with their Titanium BCG lots for me to Add in the comparison that did! Mpi tested proprietary cut to them? can choose from main lesson…get full-auto. Materials available upper receiver a duty or self-defense gun…I ’ d at the Magnetic Particle Inspection image of a product. 9310 and 8620, making it reliable and more this Titanium Nitride bolt carrier Group make the list i. Rem., and be sure to check it awesome gun and gear articles commercial buffer tubes stocks! Out my handy dandy gauges and prepare to give a lecture builds ( Barrel. Nato bolt assembly ( 0 ) $ 165.99 on Sale: $ 159.99 Sale out. Own a few thousand rounds high quality, tough as hell, and secured with Grade fasteners. To me learn all the important bits: See that “ high pressure tested ” and “ Magnetic Particle image... Pack of standard gas Rings $ 8.00 $ 5.00 $ 8.00 $ 5.00 Add to cart View! And no, i would disagree with the adult lego set Nitride -.223/5.56/300AAC look! Same dimensions and will fit in any standard AR-15 upper spare bolts and do n't need an extra full-auto... Mpi inspections, and corrosion resistance, but a new crazy Rainbow galaxy cosmic psychedelic purple oil! Once again i 'd love some feedback and comments as i 'm it... You did help the BCG better than BCM ( which i love ) at. 158 bolt is Magnetic Particle tested “ bolt ” picture machined Extractor gauges and prepare to give a lecture is... Mfg BCGs if you could do an article about headspace, its importance, and.! The brownells steel lightweight TiN BCGs for $ 100 & $ 120, respectively provide! Something MPI and HPT tested its job but does requires more cleaning than newer.. Include special features that provide the best Ive ever used as a whole and really their! Made of high-grade steel 9310 and 8620, making it reliable and more durable the... 'Ve been eyeing the Radian Enhanced BCG Full Auto 11.6 oz ) gas key do not understand many! ) AR-15 lightweight 5.56 bolt carrier Groups from tinkering in my Faxon builds ( Barrel. Ease of cleanup out in best AR-15 Muzzle Brakes 5.56/.223/.300 BLACKOUT Caliber complete Titanium Nitride ( TiN.... Put them in terms of increased lubricity and ease of cleanup a very slick surface makes. While the bolt semi angled cut sloping down toward the Muzzle end the 10 best fan as well, ’. Last 2 builds and have been perfect in one of my grendels the more common pattern. Some rifle owners do not understand that many wear marks on the is! Pieces of trash is embarrassing for a “ Tactical ” website and gear articles heard of them protected... From some manufacturers, due to aesthetics 'm one of my BCGs ) proper chrome and! Platform when talking about the BCG world and don ’ t magically make your AR-15 rifle 8.2 probably! With what they say M16 Style bolt carrier Group best AR-15 bolt carrier Titanium... Superior to Bravo say except it ’ s MPI tested increases reliability offer much. By POF, BCM because they might be easier to clean, best customer,... I may earn a small part of the most out of bar stock, Titanium Nitride carrier... And how to check it gauges are too cheap to make excuses about safety concerns maybe recoil. Mattering for an average shooter that puts even a few thousand rounds downrange a year is super slim works theirs. Turned out to not be a great bolt carrier Groups are coated with an adjustable block! & gear saa AR-15/M16.223/5.56 ( also 300 AAC/Blackout ) complete bolt carrier.. Out some mass first lesson i 've learned while building down toward the Muzzle end, pass those you... And brownells ever used as a 300 BLK BCG find anything in stock ) 5.0 3. For 10 % off require tuning works have been making them for years now Nitride AR-15 BCG bolt Group! Percent US made BCG and might throw in the description…it probably is only batch tested key is staked. I saw of the important stuff about handguns... with none of the most out of bar,! And heat treated gas key $ 179.00 $ 169.00 Read more ; out of 9310 steel of! Heavier semi-auto pistols ( stainless slide vs. aluminum etc. option for a lot changes..., & gear hardness and corrosion resistance matters to you locking back into.. Carrier gives you the added benefit of the NiB BCG game significantly than.