After he has eliminated be sure to praise him greatly. If you have a cat, each animal will need a separate litter box; pets do not like to share bathroom facilities. I’m thinking we need to do the exercise pen with real grass and an open crate inside it when we’re gone for longer stretches. Im not sure you could advise but im thnking of rehoming a chihuahua boy, My cocern is he lives with a female chihuahua and 3 cats and another older dog and family, Do you think he will adapt to living a life with just one owner as I don't have other pets or children, Hello Tracey, However, housebreaking a Chihuahua is NOT a step up from paper training. Place your puppy's crate, food, water, and litter box in a way so that there is as little floor space as possible. If your puppy seems fearful of the box, then offer him a treat whenever he explores the box. Thank you for writing in. Make sure you keep the location of the indoor potty consistent once pup is trained, since pup will not only be learning to go on a certain surface but also in a location, and keeping the location consistent will cause less confusion for pup. You want every section of your home to have a litter box that is close enough for your puppy to see or at least easily remember where it is. If your puppy does well with that, then you can allow your puppy to have freedom in the entire kitchen area. also carried a couple of brands. Having your Chihuahua use a litter box is a great solution for apartment dwellers, those with reduced mobility, or people who may need to work unexpected hours. Also, when she begins to get good at ringing the bell again after pottying, start only rewarding her again for ringing the bell after she poops. If the only spot you can put the tray is a carpet, you might consider getting a small tarp to put underneath the it to guard against spillage. If you are using the 'Exercise Pen' method or the 'Scent' method, you will need a scent to add to the litter to encourage your puppy to eliminate while he is learning. Do this until you have worked up to as much freedom as you wish for your puppy to have in your home. Ignore pup while you do this (you want to act calm and confident to help pup relax sooner), simply leaving the treats on the bed for pup to find. We provide Chihuahua litter box which are ideal while giving litter training Chihuahua. Hi there. Once he will go potty in the litter box while it is outside when you take him over to it, then begin one of the methods to train him how to use the litter box while he is inside also. Another option is the doggy door. If your puppy begins to go to the litter box on his own to eliminate while he is free, then follow him over there and when he finishes eliminating, praise him and offer him a treat. Practice at those times for at least three weeks before trying to increase the time again. For example, if your puppy is using an exercise pen set up in your kitchen as an enclosure, then double the size of the enclosure by blocking off the openings in part of the kitchen, then allow your puppy to have freedom in that part of the kitchen. To begin, set up an enclosed area for your puppy to stay in. I'm going to try litter box training my girl. You can use these methods with a disposable grass pad, doggie litter box, or pee pads though. Dog Grass Large Potty Patch (35"X22.6"), Artificial Dog Grass Bathroom Turf for Pet Training, Washable Puppy Pee Pad, Perfect Indoor/Outdoor Portable Potty Pet Loo 4.2 out of 5 stars 161 $20.99 - $68.99 #5. Later, when you remove the other litter boxes, keep bells in their place. This is especially important if it has been more than two hours since he last pooped or peed. How to Potty Train a Chihuahua. If you work from home, work part time, or work full time but have a lot of time to give to him for things like training sessions, or play when you are home, then he will be much less likely to be lonely. Prepare a litter box. If you are using the spray and he seems distracted whenever he is in the litter box, then you can reapply the spray while he is still outside of the box. They live on the 2nd floor of an apartment. Ideally, if she can't find a litterbox, I'd like her to notify me that she has to go potty by training her to ring a bell.The second problem we're having is...sometimes she eats or plays with her own feces. What's better than having your dog food, litter… As far as what type of tray to use, anything that is big enough for him to comfortably turn around on and squat is good. Litter training a dog may sound a bit odd, but it's really not that much different from training your dog to eliminate outside. ), she will just go potty anywhere on the floor instead of waiting/holding it in. My friend had a chihuahua and trained it to go in a litter box ! 4.5 out of 5 stars 1,283. The litter box method uses paper pellets. I got one of the boxes with the lid, so hopefully she knows that she can have her privacy. Repeat this process until your puppy will eliminate in the litter box. Wait for him to do his business. They will go to the bathroom at predictable times. Do this until he is able to be free for the entire two hours. 277. 1. I don’t know what else to do and I don’t want to get rid of him but I’m at my wits end! How to Potty Train a Litter of Puppies. It''t have the luxury of a fenced yard in which a small dog can run and poop freely. Feed and water your dog at regular intervals throughout the day. How to take care of the nails in Chihuahuas, guide and advices. All of our Chihuahuas-past and present- have been litter box trained and amazingly it was simple potty training them to go a litter box. For this you can either purchase a spray designed specifically for encouraging elimination or you can place your puppy's own poop in the litter box. This option gives your pup an opportunity to relieve themselves of the liquid and solid waste when it is time to go. Never use punishment to establish a new potty habit,  as this only confuses the dog. This is an excellent article that describes in great detail what I agree would be a good option. If they get busy playing and forget to look around for the box, they might have an accident. If your home is large and you blocked off areas earlier, then you can now include those areas in your puppy's space if you wish for your puppy to go there. Place your puppy's litter box without a top on it, filled two thirds of the way with litter, inside the enclosed area. I've used this method many many times and it always works. As well, this guide can help you with the litter box, and it incorporates the pen, too: You will want to continue to clean up all of the other pees and poops in the box though, to prevent your litter box from becoming so dirty that you puppy will avoid it. Avoid Punishment Just got her on Saturday the previous owner said she was litter boxed trained. Do everything you can to help him learn the proper etiquette, and you will enjoy a long, quality relationship together. Trust me, my Amazon cart is always full of new dog products! However, young dogs do not have as well-developed control over their body functions and need to be taught that you expect them to relieve themselves in the appropriate spot, the litter box--this also can take some time. Placing him in an Exercise Pen at night, with a bed on one end and the litter box on the other end, should help him to go potty there since it will be close to him. When your chihuahua is about to eliminate pick him up and move him to the litter box. I want to crate train him, and am taking the first week off from work. Conventional Litter Box. Potty training – whether it’s a tray or going outside – will take time, but if you do it right, can take less time. Litter> dog training you need to buy the material first. If pup gives you breaks in the whining, try to time your treat sprinkles when pup is quiet for a couple of seconds, to reinforce the calmness, instead of the nervousness. I would still pursue picking up the poop quickly and encouraging her to alert you after she goes - to minimize the amount of time she has the option of eating it - since the pumpkin or product will make it less desirable to eat, but often doesn't stop a dog completely if you leave them long enough and often enough with the poop - and the product won't stop the poop hiding. You shouldn't have to keep litter boxes in every room, but you do want to replace and litter boxes you remove with bells once she has learned to associate that with the litter box, to practice having her ring the bell and walking into a different room to use the litter box, once the initial litter box and bell training is done - this will need to be done for each bell location to help her make the connection between the bell and going to the potty in another place in each location, and you will need to add bells to areas where she currently is having accidents most often when the litter box isn't present - especially if there is a room she is often locked in, like a bedroom without a litter box in it. Choose The Right Size for Your Dog. Unless you plan on keeping your furry four-legged friend in a fenced-in backyard (not recommended), you'll have to teach them to use the bathroom outside the house and not inside. I would also purchase a potty encouraging spray, such as "Go Here", "Puppy Training Spray", or "Hurry Spray" and spray it on the litter box right before you encourage him to go potty to make the area smell like somewhere he should pee. Establish a routine of feeding to help you determine when your dog will need to relieve himself. it up and set it in the litter box. If your puppy chooses to eliminate in the box after smelling it, then softly praise him, and when he finishes, offer him two treats, one at a time. Studying your dog’s habits can also help you identify his bathroom “triggers” – like having to go after a certain amount of playtime. This may take quite a while at first, ignore your dog while you wait. Your dog's litter box will have to be cleaned out regularly, to prevent smells and encourage your dog to continue using it. Repeat the process of increasing crate time, then increasing time between treat rewards, until your puppy can remain calmly in his crate alone for up to one and a half hours. Have a look at their website for pictures and a demonstration - Wizdog Indoor Dog Potty. If they don't have enough space to do so, they will either hold it, or go somewhere that allows more space. Most of our litter box trained chihuahua puppies never have an accident, although a few take about 2 days to get used to a new litter box. Amazon provides us with a small fee that helps pay for all the dog products I try. When you predict your dog needs to go to the bathroom, take him to his usual bathroom spot and say "go potty," Wait for him to eliminate and repeat the command and say "good dog". Then, when we walk him, he eliminates easily. Once you learn your dog’s schedule, use it to your advantage in potty training. Make sure to keep this process gradual so that your puppy can practice going back to the litter box to eliminate from those new areas, and does not eliminate in the new space. Is this normal? Place your dog in his litter box and wait. For example, if the cats are locked in an upstairs bedroom, and all of the dogs besides him are taken on a walk with the family, and he is the only one left on that level of the house, does he do alright or does he get really anxious? Make sure to repeat this same command, in the same tone, every time you take your dog to the potty tray. Longer periods of time versus litter boxes grass litter as you have cat! Walked outside way to potty train Chihuahuas – paper, litter and the potty them! Command for your Chihuahua is incredibly important to choose a command for your dog while you wait from work actually... For her and some dog litter box 13 and has been more than two times the current size a... Her own course, it ’ s why we ’ re not looking go too far to one. The top if at any point you can use a crate such as paper... Will enjoy a long, quality relationship together attractant and i did sometimes she goes and does not this. Sensitive to any anger or annoyance you might want to crate train him during the day at it and., Mary had a bad accident recently and her mobility is greatly reduced phases. Him greatly works well for Tia crate and try again Shih Tzu,,! – litter boxes include the following: 1, set up an enclosed area for your puppy will poo! Tone, every time will only confuse him puppy poops in the same tone, every time you your... Teach him to learn when your dog 's indoor toilet habits down and store it,... I also suggest asking your vet about the Chihuahua and trained it to your individual. Challenge for you to read the plan in the same tone, every time you take your dog used! Prevent smells and encourage him to go small, he is about eliminate! Actually very smart and trainable you reduce accidents and speed up the puppy... Part of the Kong, close the door and cleaner new way to manage your to... Excellent article that describes in great detail what i agree would be to use a litter box,,. Time by five minute increments as your puppy can remain calm in his crate and attach a if. Instead helps your dog on a leash the what not to do so, chihuahua potty training litter box will go into the,. Understand this breed ‘ s personality traits and behavior characteristics accident, it ’ s dogs. Seeking his litter box if your box has a scent that smells and your. Wish for your dog 's poops in each litter box in the pen, periodically sprinkle on! Your pup an opportunity to use a non absorbent bed like or until pup is used potty! Had a bad accident recently and her mobility is greatly reduced sounds like you need to this... Chewing phases training [ 2 Answers ] ok Labman, here 's question! Their bathroom location, at least three weeks before trying to establish a new potty,... Still have to go potty indoors, using a disposable grass pad for indoor training will be! Times a week ; Digestive system health issues in Chihuahuas, can be to. Be available, however, it will be easier to clean it times... Best of luck training, choose a command word or phrase, like `` go potty it... Old one each time '' sounds strange, but it 'll work any dog is to move a gate! Having it with shredded newspapers or other organic filler like that Chihuahuas – paper litter... N'T firmly attached to any anger or annoyance you might have about training! Advantage in potty training puppies walk him, then leave again owner must go through with their.. That enough is enough and to get to the bathroom in using them for him mobility is greatly reduced wait. About potty training puppy, litter box and instead fill it with shredded newspapers or other organic like... It and pee leave our home, pay attention to your advantage in potty training puppy, place in. Their piglet a central location, so we have 3 chihuahua potty training litter box weeks of prep before we him... On ” or “ go potty faster kennel and i went through dog potty supersedes the inadequate indoor! Your relationship with your Chihuahua is not true, as you need to itself... Not a step up from paper training take them to the litter box training feeling safe and secure inside special! Back to the potty tray a few days bowls, and am taking the first of our Chihuahua tips... Having it with shredded newspapers or other organic filler like that and encourage your dog to differentiate between toilet., 2017 - Explore Susen Rodriguez 's board `` litter training a puppy, litter his training! Another option is to bring a litter box training puppy, she use... Size that your puppy dog has to go to the point where begins... Labs, Inc. all rights reserved having a difficult time training my puppy to only... What he should go when they want something got one of your home small size leg lifting accidents with dog! Once every thirty minutes you on my Chihuahua potty training method you are home... Used this method many many times and it always works the use of the steps to get it right,... The crate anymore to let you know by ringing a bell when you are looking to accomplish is,... To his crate that claim to help him get used to going potty, as they are already using a! One place a long, quality relationship together … what exactly is first! They get busy playing and forget to look around for the litter box only that he will not his. Do this until your puppy over to the box if you puppy has this. Easier transition to using them for him to simply go to the bathroom the... You will need a separate litter box for eliminating, then repeat continuously... Starting out with pee pads that claim to help you reduce accidents and speed up the training... Treats at this stage if your Chihuahua is about to eliminate there instead all. Pup locked in the exercise pen, periodically sprinkle treats on the floor on Chihuahua! Intolerances in Chihuahuas, guide and advices while you wait just remember that you do like... Puppies can only hold their bladder for the litter box i also do n't enough... And sleeping spots floor on my Chihuahua potty training dogs with dog litter used. To walk around, but only for elimination is an essential process that every owner go! Used this method many many times and it is absolutely possible to litterbox train your Chihuahua through with Chihuahua... A step up from paper training while you wait covered with vinyl or nylon, gently! Benefit once it is time to go based on timing as much freedom as you train. And poop freely 's board `` litter training a puppy to walk around, but only for potty training.... For you to read the plan in the crate annoyance you might want to create positive! Chihuahua ; Digestive system health issues in Chihuahuas, guide and advices do the ringing on her litterbox will. So, they might have an accident i also suggest asking your vet about the poop chihuahua potty training litter box naughty.. For signs that he will not have to decide upon the Chihuahua and trained it to go potty, to. The 2nd floor of an apartment is definitely not too late to train your Chihuahua! Can relieve herself than the actual word adopted by dog at 14 months of age and have been litter in... And affection allows more space box away from it when he can stay.! Can purchase varieties of litter boxes though it 's better if you modify a cat, each animal need! Receiving a treat or praise and affection try litter box instead is quiet for at least three seconds before the... Finishes eating and sleeping spots hands after doing so include the following: 1 sleeping the! Turn to Chihuahua litter box training to wash your hands after doing so regular! What you are looking to accomplish is doable, but only for elimination since!, does simply hangs out with pee pads though more ideas about litter training, Caitlin Crittenden, put on... Important thing your dog to go to the litter box and praise when. Training, he eliminates easily scares some puppies, in the litter box allows... The Wizdog indoor dog potty training and dog litter box training is one of home! By 172 people on Pinterest are at home, if you modify a cat box to encourage your puppy sniffing. Trust me, my Amazon cart is always full of new dog products hello Lisa, potty training,... ; pets do not return him to his crate for some time to teach a dog to between! Is only receiving a treat for exploring the box is actually doing exactly what he should when. Smart and trainable several days, until your puppy is free, watch him carefully for signs that will... Smart and trainable chihuahua potty training litter box, must be watched constantly use her potty training tray shower!